Virtual Tour

Over 6,000 sq ft, we’ve got equipment spread across two-stories for you to choose from. As you walk into the facility, you will find the first Upper Body Training Area. There is a bit of lower body equipment in this room. The next room you’ll enter we call Lower Body. Around the left corner is the Men’s Locker Room which has a Sauna. Just before you head up the stairs, to the right, is a hallway we like to call the Deadlift Hall. It’s a great spot for lunging and sled push/pulls too! As you top the stairs, you’ll see the Cardio Room. Continue to your right and you’ll come to a long hallway. If you look left the hallway goes to a Tanning Room. Continuing right, there is the Ab & Back Area and another Tanning Room. Across from here is the Boxing & Conditioning Hall. A bit further down the hall, on the left you’ll find the second Upper Body Room. Filled with a large variety of equipment. At the very end of the hall is the Women’s Locker Room, which also has a Sauna.

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