About the Gym

House of Payne Gym is unlike any other gym in the area. We have a collection of rare old school equipment mixed with a touch of modern equipment  Every piece is hand picked. We frequently update to give you variety!

We don’t have alarms! We encourage heavy lifting.  Push yourself until you fail. Grunt if you must. We don’t care as long as you are progressing. 

We don’t give you free food, well sometimes we handout energy drinks, but we encourage you to make healthy changes for a lifetime and to be confident in your healthy body.  

The atmosphere at the House is motivating. It is hardcore yet welcoming. As you step through the doors, you will automatically want to lift heavy, even on the days you aren’t motivated.  You can feel confident to flex in the mirror and be proud of the results of your hardwork.  

The culture at the House is judgement free. You will find the most supportive and encouraging gym family here. 

If you want to be a part of our family give us a call or text! (405) 894-4228